Spin Rewriter – How to Get More Mileage Out of One Idea

If you have ever experimented with article spinning software, you’ve probably discovered what most of us have. It just doesn’t work to produce customer attracting content. For that matter, by the time you spin out all the synonyms available, you’ve probably destroyed most of your SEO efforts as well. About the most benefit I’ve received from my dabble into article spinning software was a good source of synonyms (and I get that with MS Word anyway).

To get started you need to write one well-researched article. From there you have the basis for several new articles that use the same content, but re-purpose it. Here are the most effective ways I have found for getting more life out the research you do for an article.

Re-purpose the Article into FAQ format

Look at the article. What are the questions the article answers? Rewrite the articles as though the reader is asking those questions. The content is the same, but it doesn’t feel that way.

Look at the Article from the Negative Side.

Ask yourself what mistakes could potential readers make that would make the information in the article valuable. What misconceptions exist? What could your reader do to avoid problems caused by not knowing the information in your article? Once you have answered these questions, you are ready to re-purpose the article’s content.

Create a Quiz.

Test your reader’s knowledge by writing a quiz that uses the information from your original article and get spin rewriter online.

Give the Reader a Checklist.

See if your article contains the type of information that can be arranged into a checklist. For example, an article on a technology product could lead to a checklist on features to look for when buying that technology product.

Present Information as a Step-by-Step Guide.

This re-purpose differs from a checklist in that it provides steps for the reader to follow, rather than a list to check off. While the shift is really just a tweak in content, the change of focus produces a new article that doesn’t look like it is a spin off the previous one.

Focus on a Profession.

Some articles can be tailored to more than one profession. Doing this can reduce the time it takes to write another article. You will have to use some spinning software techniques, but don’t overlook the changes that occur in content when you change the way your structure phrases.