VLC Players For Android – The Long Wait is Over

Once the availability of VLC player for Android was leaked, the whole media was filled with so much buzz and speculations. Features workout plans leaked to launch early 2011 but it is not until the third quarter of 2011 when finally made available with its pre-Alpha release. Speculations with the features and specs made everybody guessing. Now it is readily available for download (pre-alpha Release) and most people are googling about it.

We all know how popular the VLC media player. It universally supports all well-known formats of multimedia-type files. As every one of us know, VLC is not even available for Android and Android users is now excitedly waiting and expecting for its release in the market. With its release of pre-alpha, specialists . download the ARK app and install it relating to your phone. It is for free. However, before you do, you need to check out the processor brand or regarding your device.

To find your processor’s type, make use of any sort of file manager for instance, the Root explorer, ES or anything that’s root-access equipped. When you are done locating the file, choose the word “Neo” and download the NEO ones. If you don’t want, go to non-neo version. Check the Unknown sources when you set up the installed APK found within menu setting application touchscreen.

Android users know that this fall short when it boils down to watching movies. Although, Android market has the Gallery, the application is more for photos than movies online. Watching movies using this application is not bad but also not so good. Fortunately sufficient for Android users, VLC buy a starting to be regarding Android. freedom download for Android on its pre-alpha is the good news that every Android fanatics have been waiting for.

VLC for Android is 2 separate programs supported by Android. These processor types are NEON and NON-NEON. Once you know which kind of processor you have, you can use the app.

As this VLC player for Android is on pre-alpha, downloading and installing is at your own risk. It is not even supported or available in Android market. But more secure things that VLC players bring into your Android are enough to enjoy and experience great video playback.

Android users have been waiting and waiting for is now together with the availability of VLC player for Android.